What Dog Breed Is Royalty?

Dogs have always been closely associated with humans, most notably with royalty and aristocracy. Over time, certain dog breeds have come to be known as the go-to pets for kings, queens, and other members of the royal family. But what makes a dog breed fit for royalty? In this article, we will delve into the history of dogs and their connection with royalty, explore the traits that make certain dog breeds regal, and offer tips for choosing and caring for a royal dog. So, let’s begin!

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The History of Dogs and Royalty: A Brief Overview

The association between dogs and royalty dates back several centuries. In ancient civilizations such as Rome and Greece, dogs were used for hunting and guarding purposes, and certain breeds were even reserved for the elite. In medieval Europe, hunting with dogs was an activity exclusively reserved for nobility and royalty, and the dogs that were bred for this purpose were often named after their owners. Over time, dogs began to take up a more domestic role within the royal household, becoming devoted companions and even symbols of status and wealth.

During the Renaissance period, dogs continued to be highly valued by royalty and were often depicted in paintings and other works of art. Queen Elizabeth I of England was known for her love of dogs and owned several breeds, including the toy spaniel and the greyhound. In the 19th century, Queen Victoria of England popularized the trend of keeping dogs as pets, and her love for her Pomeranian, Turi, was well-known. Today, many royal families around the world continue to keep dogs as beloved members of their households.

The Traits That Make Certain Dog Breeds Regal

It’s not just about looks when it comes to a dog fit for royalty. A royal dog breed should be intelligent, loyal, and trainable. Royal dogs are often required to learn complex commands, participate in public events, and hold themselves with impeccable manners. They should also be friendly and well-behaved around other pets and people. Some breeds that are commonly associated with royalty, such as the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever, have a playful and friendly demeanor, making them easy to train and socialize. Other breeds, such as the Poodle and Afghan Hound, are known for their elegance and sophistication, which makes them popular among aristocracy and the upper class.

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In addition to their personality traits, certain physical characteristics can also make a dog breed appear more regal. For example, breeds with long, flowing coats like the Afghan Hound or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are often associated with royalty due to their luxurious appearance. Similarly, breeds with a muscular build and a strong presence, such as the Doberman Pinscher or the Rottweiler, can also exude a regal aura. However, it’s important to remember that a dog’s regal qualities are not solely based on their appearance, but also on their behavior and temperament.

The Role of Dogs in Royal Families Throughout History

Dogs have played an important role in the day-to-day lives of royalty throughout history. They have served as loyal companions, guards, hunting partners, and even status symbols. For example, Queen Victoria was known for her love of dogs and had a particular fondness for the Pomeranian breed. She reportedly owned up to 35 Pomeranians throughout her lifetime. More recently, Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of Corgis and currently owns several of the breed. Corgis were first introduced to the royal family by the Queen’s father, King George VI, in 1933, and have since become a staple of British royalty.

In addition to being beloved pets, dogs have also been used for practical purposes in royal families. For instance, during the reign of King Louis XIV of France, the royal kennels housed over 2,000 dogs that were used for hunting and as guards. These dogs were trained to protect the palace and its inhabitants, and were even used to catch intruders. Similarly, in ancient Egypt, dogs were often depicted in artwork as protectors of the pharaohs and their families.

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Famous Royals and Their Beloved Pooches: A Glimpse into Royal Life

From Elizabeth II’s Corgis to Meghan Markle’s Beagle, dogs have always been a part of the royal family’s lives. Many famous royals throughout history have owned and loved dogs of various breeds. King Charles II of England was said to have owned several spaniels, while Marie Antoinette had a Pug named Mops. Even modern-day royals, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, have welcomed dogs into their households. Their dog, Lupo, is a black Cocker Spaniel and is often seen accompanying the family on their public engagements.

How Dog Breeds Became Associated with Royalty and Aristocracy

The association between certain dog breeds and royalty can be traced back to their origin and history. Some breeds were originally bred for hunting and were thus seen as a symbol of power and status. Others were bred for their beauty and elegance, which made them popular as lapdogs and pets. Over time, certain breeds became favored by royalty and aristocracy, and their popularity only increased as they appeared in paintings and portraits, further cementing their status as noble pets.

The Most Popular Dog Breeds Amongst Royals Today

While there are many dog breeds that have been closely associated with royalty throughout history, some breeds are more popular among royalties today than others. The most popular breed among the British royal family is undoubtedly the Corgi, although other breeds such as Spaniels and Labradors also have a strong presence. In other countries, breeds such as the Poodle, Bichon Frise, and Chihuahua are often seen in close proximity to royalty and the rich elite.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Breed Fit for Royalty

While certain dog breeds have a long history of association with royalty, it’s important to remember that not every dog will be a good fit for a royal lifestyle. When choosing a dog breed fit for royalty, there are several factors to consider. The dog should be easy to train, friendly and well-behaved around other pets and people, and possess a regal and elegant demeanor. The breed’s temperament should also match with the owner’s lifestyle and personality, as owning a royal dog requires a lot of time, effort, and patience.

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Tips for Caring for a Royal Dog

Caring for a royal dog is no easy task and requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Some tips to ensure that your dog lives a happy and healthy life include feeding them a balanced diet, providing regular exercise, and taking them for frequent vet check-ups. You should also ensure that your dog is properly groomed and well-behaved around guests and other pets. Lastly, remember to give your dog plenty of love and attention, as royal dogs crave companionship and affection just like any other pet!

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Dog Breed Fit for a King or Queen

In conclusion, dogs have been associated with royalty and aristocracy for centuries, and certain breeds are more popular as noble pets than others. When choosing a dog breed fit for royalty, it’s important to consider the breed’s temperament, trainability, and elegance. While owning a royal dog can be a lot of work, the joy and companionship they bring makes it all worth it. So, whether you choose a regal Corgi or a sophisticated Poodle, remember to give your furry friend all the love and care they deserve!

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